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Each quarter, Progress in Transplantation, the official journal of NATCO, provides peer-reviewed original research, case studies, international papers, review articles and policy papers.  The journal offers a multi-disciplinary team approach to organ and tissue donation and transplantation.  New knowledge makes transplant professionals confident that they’re providing the best possible services. 

To submit manuscripts to the journal, go to For complete submission instructions, please see the Author Guidelines.

Aim and Scope of Progress in Transplantation

Progress in Transplantation is the official journal of NATCO, The Organization for Transplant Professionals. Journal Partners include: Australasian Transplant Coordinators Association, and Society for Transplant Social Workers. Transplantation is a highly specialized area of medicine in which state-of-the-art technology, research and innovative techniques combine with the perseverance of health care professionals to create an improved quality of life for individuals with serious and complex medical problems. Progress in Transplantation reflects the multi-disciplinary team approach to procurement and clinical aspects of organ and tissue transplantation by providing a professional forum for exchange of the continually changing body of knowledge in transplantation through the publication of original research, case studies, donor management issues, international papers, review articles, clinical practice issues, and policy papers of interest to the various professional disciplines focused on transplantation.

Read about Editor, Rebecca Winsett's vision for Progress in Transplantation.

The journal is a quarterly, indexed, peer-reviewed publication.

Currently, the journal can be accessed through MEDLINE, CINAHL, the International Nursing Index and EMBASE.


Publishing Manager: Sage Publishing
Managing Editor: Meredith Pond


Rebecca Winsett, PhD. RN



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The journal is published four times a year by Sage Publishing. NATCO members receive a subscription as a part of membership dues. If you are not a member of NATCO, but you would like to subscribe to Progress in Transplantation, please contact:  Laura Hornsleth | Circulation Liaison

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