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The In Touch newsletter provides current information regarding national affairs and public policy issues, NATCO committee activities and articles written by and about NATCO members.  The newsletter allows members to keep current on the latest procedures and people in donation and transplantation.

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Dear NATCO Members,

It's hard to believe that a month has passed since the Annual meetng in Indianapolis. I hope that all of you who attended had a great time and left feeling energized with new ideas that you will use in your daily work.

A huge thank you to Indiana Donor Network for putting on one fabulous night at The Speedway, I am sure it will go down as one of the best offsite venues that NATCO planned for the attendees.

As we move forward with our planning for the 2019 Annual meeting to be held July 31st-August 2nd in beautiful Seattle-Bellevue, Washington, our goal will be to, once again, provide a quality educatonal experience for everyone.

Those of you who attended may remember my call to action for the rest of 2018 and 2019. In short, it was about building castles and bridges. No matter how big or small, make sure those bridges are inviting to everyone you work with. The other part of my call to action was a quote from Jim Kelly, the famed NFL quarterback, at this year's ESPY awards. "Make a difference today for someone who is fighting for their tomorrow", strong words from a strong individual. However those words should resonate with all of us in what we do every day.

My question is: How will you put those words into action and how big will your castles be?

We often hear so much about value, how it is measured, what does it mean and the impact it potentially has on all of us. NATCO has always played a valuable role in the donation and transplant community. Our top rated educational offerings, such as the Introductory Course for the new procurement and transplant professionals, the CCTC review course and the Advanced Donor Management course are a few examples of how exceptional NATCO is. Our commitment to being the best is our highest priority because the value of NATCO is all of you, the members.

Thinking forward to the Annual meeting 2019, I want to encouarge all of you to share your knowledge and the value of what you have done or have undertaken. You can do this by submitting case studies and abstracts. Your work matters and we want you to share it.

In closing, I want all of you to know how proud I am of the work that all of you do on a daily basis; by helping families through difficult times and walking them through the donation process or watching a recipient regain their health because of their successful transplant. I am honored to be your NATCO President. Should you wish to contact me, my email is

All my best, your NATCO President
Timothy J. Snyder

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