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Biopreservation Briefings

Today marks the launch of the Biopreservation Briefings, a new source for news on research, technological developments, funding opportunities and organizational activities in the preservation of organs, tissues, and cells. We focus on the implications of these efforts for researchers and end users in transplantation, biomedical research, organ procrurement, and more!

The Biopreservation Briefings are disseminated by the Organ Preservation Alliance (OPA), in partnership with the American Society of Transplantation's Organ and Tissue Preservation Community of Practice. This month's issue includes news on:

  1. A mini-Organ Banking Summit at the Society for Cryobiology's annual meeting and other news from OPA, including a recap of our community progress in 2017

  2. Literature highlights including findings about the importance of surgical time on transplant outcomes and a novel method to bypass damage in that critical period

  3. An upcoming funding opportunity from the new BioFabUSA regenerative medicine institute

  4. Updates from our partners like a hearty congratulations for the new President of the Society for Cryobiology, Dayong Gao!

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