Dietitians and Nutritionists

Just Published in
Progress in Transplantation!

Vol. 27, Issue 3, 2017

Dietitians have extensive training and are considered the experts in medical nutrition therapy (MNT). Although dietitian competencies for MNT are well established, competencies that account for the expanded roles of dietitians working in transplantation have not been developed. These expanded roles require a better understanding of transplant processes, regulations, and even the business side of transplant, novel concepts to most dietitians. Therefore, we proposed a standardized framework of transplant-specific competencies for dietitians practicing in transplantation. These competencies can help improve and standardize initial and ongoing training for transplant dietitians moving forward, ultimately leading to improved patient care for transplant candidates, recipients, and donors.

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In response to the need for more education surrounding the competencies outlined in the above article, NATCO will be publicizing education opportunities that meet the needs of dietitians. Please visit this site frequently in the upcoming months for education announcements.