NATCO offers educational offerings geared specifically to heighten donation and transplantation professionals’ ability to provide the best patient, donor and family care in a changing medical environment. 

Annual Meeting

The NATCO Annual Meeting is the premier meeting where transplant and procurement practitioners join together to learn cutting-edge skills and collaborate with colleagues from all areas of their profession. NATCO members manage patients, prescribe medications and make decisions regarding product purchases and contracts. NATCO’s vision is to … “empower transplant professionals to achieve their highest potential.” Come along on our journey to reach our vision.

Our practice has become more and more specialized, yet NATCO’s Annual Meeting programs feature topics that are common to all clinicians. The topics, which may be outside our individual practice areas, will offer an alternative viewpoint, provide valuable information and thus benefit our patients, the donors and their families. We are confident that this educational meeting will provide new information for implementation into your day-to-day practice!

Foundational Building Blocks of Hospital Development

The Foundational Building Blocks of Hospital Development (HD) is designed to share and teach “best practices” to HD professionals and any OPO professionals wishing to develop and grow HD skills. This course is not intended as an initial HD orientation course. It is designed to supplement existing HD knowledge and provides a forum to explore resources, learn best practices, and share with colleagues from across the country. To build upon the foundational course, and to prepare new and future leaders, an advanced HD course is offered as a pre-conference workshop to the annual NATCO conference. It is recommended that those attending the Foundational Building Blocks of HD course should have at least three months experience in HD.

Hospital Development (HD) staff maintain a close, collaborative relationship with hospitals throughout the United States to help define, shape and guide their roles in the donation process. HD staff require foundational HD skills to execute their roles effectively. This course offers instruction and skill development in these foundational HD skills:

1. Communication and Interpersonal Interaction
2. Regulatory and Data Resources
3. Measure of Excellence
4. Best Practices in HD

Introductory Education Course for the Transplant Professional and Procurement Professional

The Introductory Course is designed to provide basic information to procurement or transplant professionals. Due to the intense nature of the course, faculty members suggest that participants have a least one month of on-the-job experience in transplantation or donation before attending the course.

The course material is presented in lecture and workshop format. A strong faculty-to-participant ratio permits ample opportunity to answer questions, discuss issues and concerns, and to review unfamiliar concepts according to the the needs of individual course participants.

Organ Preservation Symposium

NATCO is proud to partner with ISOP and IIAM as an education source for all interested in acquiring knowledge in the expanding field of organ preservation. The focus of this workshop is to provide participants with the study materials and knowledge to pass the CTP exam as well as to provide a hands-on experience using kidney pumps with human en bloc kidneys. The didactic portion will be provided on day one of the course, with the hands-on section scheduled for day two.

NATCO Hands-On Based Donor Management Workshop (SimMan)

The Donor Management Workshop is a hand-on training course for procurement professionals that use NATCO’s Scientific Action Man (SAM), a human patient simulator.  SimMan allows Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) professionals to better prepare for real donor management scenarios.  Participation in the SimMan Course helps to prevent mistakes on the job. 

NATCO will come to you!

Do you have an educational need in your Transplant Center, OPO or region? Is travel difficult due to staffing issues and travel restrictions? If so, NATCO will come to you! Click here for more information. If you are interested in this offering, please email Donna Dickt at or call 703-483-9817.