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Simultaneous Liver-Kidney Allocation Town Hall

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In this offering, members will have the chance to ask questions about these policy changes in order to prepare for implementation.

The OPTN Final Rule specifies that organ allocation policies must be based on sound medical judgement, contain standardized criteria for allocating each organ type and combination of organ types, and must seek to achieve the best use of organs. It also specifies the avoidance of wasting organs, futile transplant, and promotes the efficient management of organ placement.

There were minimal rules for liver kidney allocation. The policy lacked consistent local and non-local allocation rules for Simultaneous Liver-Kidney (SLK) Allocation and was counter to the Final Rule principles. In order to provide more clarity and consistency in the rules for liver-kidney allocation new policy will be implemented for SLK.

Intended Audience
Transplant Centers
Organ Procurement Organizations

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UNet system change


  • Locate resources for Simultanious Liver-Kidney (SLK) Allocation

Please note: There is no cost to register. This event will be recorded and posted to UNOS Connect.

Date and time
July 18, 2017 at 2 pm.

Registration Information
Please register for this event through UNOS Connect. You will need to search for the course title or find it under Live Events in the course catalog. Then click Register on the right hand side of the page.

After registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Continuing Education Information
There is no continuing education for the Town Hall.

Please contact:

  • UNOS Instructional Innovations at, for instructional questions.
  • Regional Administrator, at (804) 782-4800, for policy questions.

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Washington University in St. Louis-School of Medicine

3rd Midwest Nephrology and Transplant Symposium
Friday and Saturday, September 8, 9 & 10, 2017


This live activity is designed for health care professionals including physicians in training, pharmacists, nephrologists, transplant surgeons, transplant coordinators, and nurses who are interested to learn more about kidney transplantation.

The intended results of this activity is increased knowledge, competence, performance, and improved patient care. At the conclusion, participants will be able to apply the latest clinical trials results in the management of kidney transplant recipients.


  • Describe TMA in a kidney biopsy, differential diagnosis, approach and treatment
  • Review utilization of deceased donor kidney transplant, marginal donors, and learn about nurse, surgeon, and OPO prospective
  • Discuss the management of immunosuppression medications and the use of new formulas/agents
  • Review of HLA, cross-match and PRA - an intensive ultrasound workshop to examine volume status in heart, lungs, and IVC
  • Practice US-guide line placement and kidney biopsy


Click Here to access brochure containing list of speakers and complete agenda.

Click Here to access the Midwest Nephrology & Transplant Symposium website and registration.







Waitlist Functionality for New Simultaneous Liver-Kidney (SLK) Allocation Policy

Approximately 25 minutes


In order to provide more clarity and consistency in the rules for liver-kidney allocation, new policy will be implemented for Simultaneous Liver-Kidney (SLK) allocation. Liver and kidney transplant programs will be required to report new information on the liver and kidney waiting lists and document new information in their candidates' medical records. UNOS is releasing new data fields prior to policy implementation to allow members to input the new data. This new data collection will be used to determine a candidate's eligibility for SLK and kidney match prioritization and to ensure members are complying with the policy.

This video explains system changes in Waitlist associated with SLK policy changes. If you need more detailed policy and compliance information, there is a separate recording in the UNOS Connect course catalog under "Liver" and "Kidney".

Intended Audience

Liver and Kidney Transplant Programs:

Program Administrators and Coordinators
Quality and Compliance personnel
Data Coordinators

Related to Update
* Policy: OPTN SLK Toolkit: 

* UNET system change in Waitlist


  • Identify the new data requirements associated with the SLK policy changes
  • Enter data to meet requirements for SLK eligibility and kidney candidate prioritization in Waitlist
  • Use new report to manage SLK candidate eligibility and kidney candidate prioritization


A new instructional offering is available in UNOS Connect. Locate "Waitlist Functionality for New Silultaneous Liver Kidney (SLK) Allocation Policy" in the UNOS Connect course catalog UNet category. Register for the course and click Entrance Survey to begin.

This recording lasts approximately 25 minutes.

Continuing Education Information

As a designated Approved Provider by ABTC, UNOS will grant .5 Category 1 Continuing Education Points for Transplant Certification (CEPTC).

Once you pass the assessment and complete the exit survey, your certificate will be available on your transcript.

You must pass the assessment in order to receive a certificate. You must receive a passing score of 80% to receive a "pass" status on UNOS Connect. After three completion attempts, you will be required to re-register for the entire course. Don't forget to complete the exit survey in UNOS Connect. In order to view your certificate in your transcript, you must complete the survey.


Please contact:

  • UNOS Instructional Innovations at, for instructional questions.
  • Regional Administrator, at (804) 782-4800, for policy questions.

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