About Us

NATCO, The Organization for Transplant Professionals is committed to the advancement of organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

The NATCO membership is comprised of a diverse group of professionals. Procurement practitioners manage the care of the donor to ensure organ viability, consult with families in their donation decision, arrange for the surgical recovery of organs and match donor organs with recipients.

Transplant practitioners manage the pre-transplant evaluation process, monitor the patient’s level of wellness, adjust the patient’s priority listing with a national computerized tracking system and manage the care of the recipient post-transplantation.

Hospital development specialists determine the level of potential for donations within hospitals and work with hospitals to educate medical and nursing staffs about donation to ensure referral of potential donors.

Public education specialists work to increase donor awareness within the community.

Our efforts are best described by our ultimate goal and vision:
We will empower transplant professionals to achieve their highest potential by uniting our members, advancing education and promoting research.

NATCO’s numerous education programs for various experience levels of practitioners, its publications and other materials ensure that its membership is on the cutting edge of the most recent developments and technologies in transplantation today.

NATCO's Mission Statement:

We lead the donation and transplantation community by uniting our members, advancing education and promoting research and advocacy. 

NATCO's Vision:

We will empower transplant professionals to achieve their highest potential. We will be known by the success of our members.